The Dream Comes To an End.

Viel Spaß beim Lesen meine deutschen Freunde. 😜

Have fun reading it my German Friends. 😜

Yes, as you read in the topic, it’s almost over. I thought it’s time, time to write a little bit in English.
Twelve more days and I’m back in my „old“ home in Germany. I’m more than grateful that I got this opportunity, to study and work abroad. I never thought that I would be a person who is going to a different country with a different language as German for such a „long“ time.

It was a challenge, it was an experience, and I made it. It was one of the most impressive years I had so far in my lifetime. I grew a lot in myself, got more and more self confidence. Finished my semester almost with straight A’s and my boss even asked me  if I didn’t want to stay longer and be a part of his company.
I met awesome people, found new friends, who grew to a second family for me. I already miss everything here, even though I didn’t leave the country yet.

Saying good bye to my host family, to my friends and coworkers wasn’t as easy as I expected when I came here. Saying good bye in Germany to my friends and family was kinda easy, because I knew that I would see them all again in about a year. Saying good bye to everyone over here wasn’t easy at all. I knew I won’t see all of them for a longer time as a group together as I was used to it, but I know we will meet one day again.

Now I am looking forward to see my family and my friends back home again. Just a few more days and I will be back. Almost unbelievable how fast the time was running. For me it still feels like I just left Germany two weeks ago. I guess it will be a strange feeling to go back and see that nothing change except myself.

I already heard a bunch of times that you aren’t getting a culture shock when you go to a different country. You are getting it when you come back home, so culture shock here I come. Please don’t be too bad. 😀

As many of you may already noticed am I right now on my road trip. You know that I was already traveling quit a bit during my year. Just to give you an impression, the usual American isn’t traveling that much and will visit maybe ten different states in their lifetime. This is at least the amount I heard a lot during my year. The USA has 50 states in all and after my road trip I will have been to 25  of them. So 25 more to go, but I’m pretty sure I will see them as well in my future.

Even though that I would love to upload pictures from my road trip, are there way to many already. So this time you won’t get any. When I’m back in Germany, I will write one more post and will attach some pictures from my trip.

A year abroad was one of the biggest adventures I did so far, and I’m excited what my future is bringing me now.


Have a good one and see you soon!

Your Marcel


  1. Heinz-G. Lafrentz

    Dein Jahr in U.S.A. geht nun zu Ende. Du hast viel erleben und lernen können und viele Lebenserfahrungen sammeln können. Du hast viel über die Lebensart der Amerikaner erfahren, neue Freunde gefunden und Deine Englisch-Kenntnisse vervollkommnen können. Du hast Dich in vielen unbekannten Situationen behaupten müssen.
    Du hast Deinen Blog gepflegt, so daß Deine Freunde und Gönner an Deinen vielen interessanten Erlebnissen und Erfahrungen teilhaben konnten. Danke!
    Meine Anerkennung für Deinen Wagemut, Deinen Fleiß und Dein Engagement!
    Ein Lob auch an die staatlichern Stellen in Deutschland, die Dir dieses lehrreiche Jahr in U.S.A. ermöglichen konnten!
    The very best for your future!
    Fehmarn, 2017-07-26, Heinz-Günther Lafrentz aus Landkirchen

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